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DE.MO 2021



International Contemporary Art exhibition

September, 09 - 24 2021


Concept edited by Art Curators

Erika Gravante -graduated in Product Design, master in Visual Merchandising-

Federica D’Avanzo -graduated in Art Management-



In the ambiguous universe of creativity, the disciplines recurrently sniff each other, approach, flirt, and then, fickle, let go and seek new partners. So, for some time now, it happens between design and fashion; sectors certainly contiguous but actually equipped with specific disciplinary assumptions. In recent years, however, these two worlds have come into more and more contact, giving rise to a galaxy characterized by a completely new configuration. More and more, in fact, fashion and design work in synergy, and collaborate profitably in a single creative process, to give life to projects that are more than just clothes, but real works of art. This has become indissoluble. Design enters the ateliers, and becomes  the undisputed protagonist of Fashion. This is why the greatest and esteemed designers design unique pieces for the Salone del Mobile, such as Armani or Fendi, or haute couture houses that among their main reference models include the great contemporary artists, or take up those of the past in ideas, shapes and colors. Christian Dior, first gallerist and then avant-garde designer, Missoni, Balla, Mondrian, Versace and Caravaggio, Louis Vitton and Yayoi Kusama. Fashion is nourished by art to generate creations halfway between the ephemeral and the tangible, between dream and reality and in turn, with its cycles, its trends, its inspirations, its atmospheres is able to act as a muse to the greatest artists. Design, for its part, implies a design that coordinates functionality and aesthetics: it requires a production that goes beyond the concept of usability, to embrace the creative aspect of the process. In short: not trivial utility, but the object at the service of beauty and art. Fashion, therefore, can no longer do without listening to the expert voice of design, stealing secrets and letting his studies on shapes, colors, lines and spaces inspire and influence her. Whether it is, therefore, the fabric of a dress or the color applied to the canvas is that element that transforms thought, mental and immaterial vision into something tangible, concrete. This is what, by concretely manifesting the embryonic ideas, makes the latter visible by giving them their actual existence in this world. The creative power of the material is expressed and captured through the different sensory perceptions: we observe chromatic differences, we identify forms recognizable with our skin and the temperature and consistency of the elements. This consistency, this tangible difference on the surface of things differentiates them from each other and offers to each of them a character of singularity, a uniqueness proper to every element of the world. The rough and fresh linen fiber, the silk yarn soft and bright; the oil color so dense, textured and laminated or the watercolor, ethereal and delicate in its impact on paper. Materials with different textures that give rise to unique and different sensations and experiences. Art and fashion make matter their founding essence, their medium of externalization towards the world, their mode of representation. Heterogeneous substances, layered, smooth or brilliant materials tell us the story of the artist and the genesis of their creation, from the whimsical flash up to the physical realization of the artifact giving us the opportunity to experience unexpected emotions and new perceptions. These spheres are created to tell something about themselves and to arouse as a direct consequence something in others. The challenge of M.A.D.S. is to observe the lines, colors and shapes of haute couture dresses and be inspired by a new artistic work, created to measure or remained in the archive of the past, for this edition of Design and Fashion Week of September 2021. Two International events of great media importance that, for the first time in history will be held in the same month in the city of fashion, Milan, attracting the attention of many from all over the world. DE.MO is the exhibition of

M.A.D.S. halfway between MO.DE and DE.MO, that sample demonstration of the production of different artists on the international scene who want to contribute through art to combine fashion and design. Two sectors that dictate trends, lifestyles to adapt our existence to. What was revolutionary yesterday, today is fashion, today is us.

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