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Blue River
Matej Ruzicka

Blue River



Title of artwork: Blue River
Year: 2021
Size: 73 x 63 cm
Technique: Acrylic painting with brush and palet knife.
Additional information: All this scape starts vanishing away as it gets closer to where the Covid-19 testing is, maybe because of the chemicality or de skepticism, and among all these people, two waves can be distinguished; the ones already vaccinated and leaving in the opposite direction who are not wearing the masks, and those who are/were skeptical and are deciding to go and get vaccinated, but that are wearing it. The thing is that are these the last who are in greater danger of contagion but still wear the masks so they do not put others at any risk, whereas the ones who already are vaccinated throw the masks away as they feel free from any risk, contaminating the environment at the same time. These masks are taken to the nearest rivers, streams and water sources with the following floods and turn the water to tones of blue.

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