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Roberto Grosso

Roberto Grosso



Roberto Grosso is an Italian multidisciplinary artist, born in 1977. He explores the relationship between pop colors and aesthetic beats, while adding augmented reality to it, unique to each piece, to complete the experience of the viewer, by using Arti Vive. His mediums are brushed metal, perspex, and metallic paper.In 2009 he was recognised by Kanye West as his favorite artist, while Roberto was working for Yahoo! and MySpace in London.During this period he started exhibiting in London and many other European cities. While winning competitions in New York and London (Ashurst Art Prize), in September 2018, he also received the honor to become the subject of the thesis of a graduate in fine arts, at the University of Urbino, Italy. In 2021 he collaborated with French composer Franz Kirmann to create music for the documentary “Locked-In Breaking the silence” which won the Bafta for best documentary. His works have been exhibited in Italy, UK and the USA.


The Innovate Show, New York, September-October 2021
Gradara Contemporanea, Italy, June-July 2021
Ashurst Art Prize Winner 2019 - London
Ashurst - 2020
Artrooms Awards – London, 2019
I Let the Melody Shine – London, 2019
The Other Art Fair – London, 2019
Riba North Museum – Liverpool, 2019
Chashama Gala - New York, 2019


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