Rana Hatem Slim

Rana Hatem Slim



Founder of a digital agency, My Networking, I have been striving to combine all the experiences gathered along the way and create an environment to grow and learn within my team of collaborators.
Success comes when you spread positivity; it starts with people working with you to be able to deliver the promises to clients.
I believe that the impossible just takes more time.

Since always, the artistic part in me played a role in my life; a way to express and share, being acting in plays, inventing ways to create with my kids. Art has always been a part of me. This part is growing with me, and August 4, 2020, has been a turning point.
I needed to express and it came out by painting, taking photographs that I rework digitally to unveil the inner vision I saw, and creating Arabic calligraphy digitally.

It is about expressing my own truth at a moment in time. Art is so powerful that it speaks to everyone, it goes behind cultures, it includes diversity, it doesn’t discriminate… and it opens space to discussion and exchange that surely nurture the mind and soul.

In every piece of art, you showcase a part of you, revealing a bit of yourself, your inner soul and intimate vision.

What makes it magical is that by doing so, you are able to share with the world your view, still allowing every person identify and see whatever their own emotions lead them at this moment in their life.

This is the magic of Art.

I am a citizen of Humanity, playing by the rules of the World we’re living in, giving my contributions, trying to make the business world more sustainable and a better place to evolve in while pursuing my passion and growing my inner World.

I hope my Art will inspire you, welcome to my world!

Choosing to see magic in everything.
Inspired by emotions, I express my vision and feelings of the moment. Through my Art, I am able to communicate my inner self and share my perception; still allowing everyone to see and feel whatever their inspiration leads them to.