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Sige Nagels




Title: R2C
Year: 2019
Size: 18 x 24cm
Technique: Acrylic painting
This artwork is a community artwork, meaning it matters as a human being you have a place where you feel you belong. An environment where you find like-minded people who contribute to your core beliefs and lift you up and want to see nothing else but you thrive.
A community where you get to be your best self without being judged, where you can add and where you can give. Where you can contribute by being you, and showing the real you, and of which you receive more value than you could ever ask for!
If you don't have such a community surrounding you, look for ways how to get into one that matters to you and where you feel you belong.
This is one of the many reasons this digital and virtual era adds to our life experience. Freedom of connection is real and not bound to location.
Empower yourself. Look beyond your physical environment if you feel you can not ground yourself.
There's no such thing as being stuck. Not in this era of possibilities and opportunities!

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