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Prometheus's Sapphire Sword
Bianca Buck

Prometheus's Sapphire Sword



Prometheus's Sapphire Sword
30in x 40in
Mixed media; acrylic, oil pastel, tissue paper 2021
Prometheus had a “true blue heart” he gave humankind the gift of fire, creativity, forethought, and invention. Furious that humans no longer had to rely on the gods, Zeus chained him to a rock to have his liver eaten by an eagle everyday for a thousand years. Once released, Zeus wanted re-venge on civilization and Prometheus (Pandora). All of the evils of Pandora’s box managed to es-cape, but at the last-minute Prometheus and Pandora closed the lid in time to save hope.
Many Greek philosophers by the likes of Plato and Socrates equated hope with ignorance. Plato wrote, hope fuels “impractical expectations” that lead to “serious and barbarous wrong doing. It is among these men that we find the ones who do the greatest evils to cities and individuals.” But for those who believe in the power of hope, revolutions can begin with people who are tenacious enough to imagine a future free from oppression.

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