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Patrick Lange




Title: Pulsar
Size: 40x40 cm
Technique: Dry Brush Technique, Splash Technique. Background-Colors: Caput Mortuum Violet, Reflex Orange, Reflex Yellow, Ultramarine Violet Lt, Ultramarine Violet, Permanent Blue Violet. Splash-Colors: Oxide Black, Permanent Blue Violet, Ultramarine Violet, Ultramarine Violet Lt, Greenish Blue, Turqoise Green, Reflex Green, Reflex Yellow, Reflex Orange, Reflex Rose, Pearl White, Pearl Violet

I used the dry brush technique to create the background with a color gradient from carpet mortuum to reflex orange to permanent blue-violet. The corners were previously treated with structure paste.
The splash was mainly made with reflective paints. The different amounts of paint and lengths make it appear as if the paint is "shot" in different directions in a three-dimensional space, like a pulsar with an unstable axis.

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