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Shuri Fujikura

Shuri Fujikura



“In my oil painting, I want to express my painful feelings and my favorite feelings in a heavy, colorful, and somewhat dirty and disintegrating way."


2003 Born in Imakane, Hokkaido, Japan

2010 Entered Imakane Elementary School
2016 Entered Imakane Junior High School
   Awarded the Mayor's Prize in the painting category at the local cultural festival for three consecutive years

2019 Entered Hiyama North High School in Hokkaido
2020 Awarded the Excellence Prize at the All Hokkaido Art Exhibition of the High School Literature Federation
   Won the award for the oil painting "Staring Child" at the Akashiya Sanma's Sanma Art Dealer Project.
   The oil painting "Staring Child" was selected and sold for 500,000 yen.

2021 Withdraw from Hiyama Kita High School in Hokkaido.
   Later transferred to Aritomo High School in Hokkaido
   Held first solo exhibition at Hakodate International Hotel
   Exhibited at G Square "Hakodate Art Collection" at Siesta Hakodate


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