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Su Moon
Digital Artist

Su Moon

Digital Artist


I am an artist reside in Venice California, born in Seoul, Korea. My artwork is reflection of both Eastern and Western influences as well as chronicle of interdisciplinary back ground in fine art, furniture/interior design and computer graphic design. Su discovered her passion for painting and her love of the creative process after briefly logging in time as an interior designer and working for design firms. Uninspired by the business aspect of the job, she found herself quickly drawn to painting but instead of moving into the traditional canvas paintings she has created something different source, Plexiglas. “I am attracted to bright and vibrant colors and its bold shapes”, Su states, “and I found that Plexiglas provides the necessary platform to accentuate the quality of my work.” The different shade, shapes and forms of human body and face is some of the elements that showcases Su’s expression. - Quote of Bio on previous publication. Since I travel a lot, I find it difficult to carry on original method and recent discovery of digital painting has been more practical and helpful to keep the creative flows. Although my passion for Plexi-glas painting hasn’t stopped, it has further evolved into wearable artworks such as painting on shoes and clothes.
I write poetry to express my thoughts creating each pieces as if it is a journal but at the same time it ignites the idea to create new painting as well. Creativity is challenging field yet the most intriguing area. As all artists, I feel alive whenever I am painting or creating something new.

Interior and Computer Graphic (BA.AA. Los Angeles)
Fine Art since year 2007
Digital Art since year 2017


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