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Manfred Gnad

Manfred Gnad



Manfred Gnad
Born on St.Pölten, Lower Austria
9 Years of Compulsory School
4 Years of Graphic Education
VHS Wien Nude Drawing by Artist Manfred Zeller.
VHS Wien Course “Colour Theory, Praxis in Colour mixing, Effect of colours”
Summer Academy in Salzburg “Landscapes and Perspectives” by Artist Georg Eisler.
Collaboration on art book with artist Tone Fink.
Over 2 years of Collaboration on advertising graphic with artist Roland Meloni.

Since he couldn't make a living from art he worked in graphic professions. In the previous two years he hast painted/created more than 100 Paintings. All of them are stored in the stora-ge where nobody else could see them. Now he started to show them to the public, some exhibi-tions are already planned. He is unstoppable and paints every day with the biggest passion and joy he ever had and has endless ideas for the future paintings.


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