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Tony López

Tony López



Tony López (Antonio López Rodriguez) was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1963. His interest in the sea led him to study Marine Geological Engineering and then to specialise in Environmental Impact, a profession to which he has dedicated 17 years of his life, always linked to beach studies and marine research.
His artistic education has grown over time, through non-formal means, out of personal and business interest, being linked to the Cuban Fund for Cultural Heritage (FCBC) since the 1990s.
Belonging to an entity of the Ministry of Culture, which brings together most of the island's artists, facilitates his participation in the annual fairs organised by this institution, with works of a utilitarian and functional nature for the home, which was the line we were asked to develop, namely furniture and accessories for the home, with innovative designs and finishes.
From the year 2000, it began to participate as an exhibitor, indiscriminately, in international fairs organised by the FCBC, but with the peculiarity of the design, both of the Stan and of the articles to be exhibited, still keeping the line of articles for the home with attractive and innovative design.
He participates in executive projects with the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana, which allows him to feed on the knowledge provided by specialists in various subjects through practical exchanges and theoretical hands-on workshops; he also participates in thematic courses and specialized workshops, linking since 2015 with plastic artists, such as Ernesto Villanueva, absorbing techniques and methodologies applied in specific projects, consolidating his plastic training, emphasizing the mastery of colour, perspective and contrasts, until defining his own style, evoking in his works the marine theme as the main theme.
His training is continuous, taking advantage of online courses that allow him to study the classics and keep up to date with the new trends in modern art, right up to the present day.
He took part in the following individual exhibitions:
Creación del Callejón Creativo Gran Santa Fe, Cancún, Mayo-Julio 2020;
Cardiocentro Cancún, Cancún, Octubre 2020 a la actualidad;
Hotel Para Ti, Isla Holbox, Marzo 2021 a la actualidad


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