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Giulia Carini

Giulia Carini



Giulia Carini is an Watercolour artist from Parma, Italy. She has always been attracted to watercolours and paints since she was a child. She used to draw her favourite Disney characters and Japanese Anime she watched on TV and at the movies.
She really loved them a lot!!!
But then life led her to a different direction. She studied Foreign Languages at High School and she took her Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature at Parma University.
But this strong passion for art was waiting to emerge sooner or later and it did 8 years ago when she decided to attend her first Make Up School in Paris. It was the beginning of an artistic journey that led her to painting with watercolour.

Her paintings are an explosion of colours. She has an obsession for them, and they are her joy and love. When they flow, drip, run and merge into something magical, they have the power to let her travel to a very special place: Her Inner Soul.
Colours are her universe and she often reacts at them in a very instinctive way. Sometimes she spends a long time choosing the right palette but sometimes she follows her instinct and she paints with combinations she has never used before!
She has a strong relationship with colours and it’s something related to her exchange of energy with them. Colours have to WOW her and she always needs to feel back their pow-er and their intensity.


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