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Fernando Velazquez




Aeon - painting Aeon Definition: 1. An indefinitely long period of time, an age 2. the largest division of geologic time, comprising two or more eras. 3. Astronomy: O ne billion years. Aeon is a “study” about painting and mutation. In an era of speed and an ever faster changes in the delivery of information, Fernando Velazquez invites us to enter his art through a “miniature moving image” powered by silence, a journey through mind fields into painting itself. The cyclic element of the composition refers to a long period of time represented here as a short breathing space. Velazquez recent series “Cave Paintings of our Time” pointed towards both his personal vision as a painter and his quest for universal and timeless images. Aeon looks beyond that initial point, becoming an experience, a transitional moment of reflection and lasting resonance. Artist: Fernando Velazquez

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