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Flower Box Yellow
Raichbhe Walkman

Flower Box Yellow



Title: Flower Box Yellow
Size: 90x90cm
Technique: Wax, Acrylic, Gouache and Water colour paints

Inspired by Australia’s native flora on a background the colour of our bright yellow sunshine. Raichbhe Walkman creates a line of clothes based on her paintings. The artist uses her floral textures to make colorful and summer dresses. On the occasion of the exhibition DE.MO presents two lines of clothes consisting of a short dress and leggings.
A pattern piece made with the intention of putting more colour into our world.
For a while fashion has been blocks of colour and often subdued.
On fabrics this work is bright, multiple shapes and colours. It’s bold. It’s mentally uplifting and fun. It’s a work that if we could jump into the picture and play in the sunshine life would be great.

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