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Però la dignità, dove l’avete persa
Manuela Ghidini

Però la dignità, dove l’avete persa



Title: Però la dignità, dove l’avete persa
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 100 x 100 cm
Technical: stucco and acrylic

It represents what a person's hatred can turn into: anger against what one cannot have, against what others have. In this work, the violent part is represented by anger, by the black jet that breaks up the painting. The black circular shapes symbolise the whispers, what is said under one's breath, what hurts. What is coveted, on the other hand, is depict-ed by the spherical parts: perfection. In particular, the red-coloured sphere represents the living part of each of us that is wounded by man's wickedness and feels pain.

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