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The plan of the fallen angel
Claes Frowein

The plan of the fallen angel



Title: The plan of the fallen angel
Year: 2021
Size: 48x48 inches
Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Since my childhood I have always received very clear visions. I have gifts of clairvoyance and with this work I wanted to represent what I see in our present moment. there is the planet earth with the damask sword already planted in the earth. it is represented in this black which represents the darkness. Next to it there is the fallen angel who is holding myself in his hands. except that I hold a flower which raises me towards the gold light represented in its center by the union of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Below in the saucepan is the sorting of the good grain and the bad grain, which the fallen angel is happy to cook. Again on this table represents important moments in my life and connected to key stages of my earthly experience. the nails representing my little work done on earth. The red trail is the blood that is and will be shed on earth. Then the triangle and the snake which dies its tail are the new laws of the earth enslaving humanity under their new patronage.

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