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Wow Soraya Styling -Jip

Wow Soraya Styling -Jip



Born in Amsterdam from artsy parents.
Always surrounded with art,
Paintings, drawings, statues and wall hangings.
I grew up with the smell of oil paints,
Always paint on the walls, on my dog's tail and in my hair.
For a while as a teenager I wanted to be normal, like all the other kids in my class.
But I never was.
Now I am ok how I am, and even proud!
My head always full of ideas, my hands full of paint and the floors full of possibilities.
If only each day had more hours, because creating takes time.
But I hope with my art I will leave a little Happiness to all the people who see my creatings.
Because I am my art and my house is too.
Let the magic from art make the world a Happier Place


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