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Lisa Bakke

Lisa Bakke



Two cultures are united in me. I grew up in an artistic and multicultural home, my father is Nor-wegian and my mother is a Mexican artist. I was born in 1975 in Oslo and when I was a child my parents had an art gallery in Oslo called `Gallery Nini` with art exhibitions mainly from Latin American artists but also some from Europe. My educational background is visual communica-tion from UCA: University of Creative Arts, Maidstone, UK, then I took up simple topics to re-fresh design and marketing knowledge from University of South-Eastern Norway, Drammen. Al-so photopolymer printing course from Norske Grafikers Verksted/ The Norwegian Printmaker ́s Artworkshop in Drammen and printing guidance at the art studio of artist Cathrine Finsrud Stu-stad in Drammen. I feel like a citizen of the world, having lived many years of my life abroad, in-cluding Spain, one year in Mexico and 12 years in England. Photography has always been a pas-sion for me and it was a natural transition for me to incorporate my artistic skills into photopol-ymer and photography. I love to notice the details, and the surroundings around me, the colors and light. Nature is an important and main elements in my creative ongoing artworks. I grew up surrounded by nature. I set up my own photography business a few years ago and with previous experience as Project Art Leader for “United in Dance” International Cross Art project, working with 15 artists from different artistic mediums and from different parts of the world.
Exhibitions: The Mexican Embassy in Oslo, Norway (October the 30th 2019 – November 2019), Drammen Museum in 2021, Galleri Åkern in Kongsberg, Eidsfoss Manor House in May- August 2021, Norwegian Podcasts Dronepoden, Botanical Department at the University of Bergen 2021.
I live with my better half, Herleik and my two lovely children in Konnerud, Drammen.

Lisa Karina Bakke's work is experimental alternative photography using Lumen and Cyanotype. These two techniques stem from cameraless photography that was first used in the late 1830s. Lisa uses mainly botanical elements – mostly botanical elements from her garden or nearby for-est in Konnerud, Norway. Lisa started working with Cyanotype in 2021 and more recently in the year 2022 with lumen. Lisa’s alternative photographic process has been a natural progression from her previous mixed art using photopolymer art. Breaking the boundaries between different art forms is what mixed media is all about. Lisa strongly believes that art has no boundaries and experimenting with the cameraless techniques of Lumen and Cyanotype has lead her to the path to create abstract botanical elements. Lisa found great inspiration in the works of Belgian artist Pierre Cordier (born 1933) who invented chemigrams in the late 1950’s. Chemigrams is some-thing that Lisa also is incorporating in her artwork – combining the physics of photography and painting. Lisa ‘s inspiration is her daily walks in her nearby forest. Nature has always been an important part of her life since early childhood. Lisa’s previous artworks were Mixed Media art – that involved mixing different creative mediums to create work that incorporates two or more art forms. For example, drawing on top of photography prints or adding sculpture to painting. In her case it was Photopolymer art, Chine Colle and she had an artistic international art collab-oration with Japanese calligraphy artist Nakajima Hiroyuki, glass artist Saito and Haiku poet Ya-suko Fujie from Japan. Artwork that culminated in exhibitions at art galleries in Kongsberk, Drammen Museum and the botanical department at the University of Bergen were the Japanese ambassador to Norway had visited twice.
Main Objectives
Lisa’s main objective is to continue the path exploring alternative photographic process like Lumen and Cyanotype and using various botanical elements in her artistic ongoing work. I am able to fully realize the positive impact that nature has had upon my formative years, and still is and how important nature is for my children too. Nature is what moves us. The artwork shows life with nature. This is why my previous exhibitions were also held in nature too, in the woods of Andorsrud.


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