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Angelica Keiskei

Angelica Keiskei



I was in my twenties and had a near-death experience due to an unexplained illness.
From that experience, I realized how wonderful it is to be alive.
It was the moment when I learned that the calm daily living I had been doing was not the norm.
After recovery, I started my quest for well-being in order to live my limited life to the full-est.
I have been involved in research on well-being for about 15 years.
Then what I learned is the importance of understanding, believing and loving myself. And being absorbed in something is of great value to well-being.
Looking back on my life, what I absorbed was painting.
In August 2021, I decided to live as a painter for my own well-being in the turmoil of the world with COVID-19.
My pen name, Angelica Keisuke, commonly known as the Japanese name for Ashitaba, literally called "Tomorrow's Leaf," is a plant native to Japan.
Even if you pick the leaves, new leaves will grow tomorrow.
The name comes from the strength of vitality.
With the theme of love and life, I would be well-being if I could create a work full of vitali-ty like Angelica Keisuke and convey that power to as many people as possible.


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