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Radical Escape
Emma Jholyce

Radical Escape



Born in the United States, Emma moved around a lot as a child. Ever since she was little, creating art was something she loved to do. In each new home, in every new environment, creating art became a constant endearment. From her very first painting as a 12-year-old to the originals she produces today, each piece reflects her deep love for her found profession. After graduating from High School, she attended the Milan Art Institute. Emma became experienced in oils and mixed media paintings. The Institute helped her refine her voice in art and discover a unique personal style, deeply inspired by the beauty of nature. While she enjoys painting landscapes she also loves to paint people. Each piece seems to capture individual expressions of confidence and beauty. She believes God has given each of us the ability to create and find beauty in everything we do. Emma constantly seeks those unique opportunities to use her art to bring more profound beauty into the lives of those around her.

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