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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


I have loved creative activities since I was a child.
I often played with drawing, origami, clay, making cloth accessories, bead handicrafts, knitting, etc.
But it was always a hobby that I enjoyed.
After graduating from college, I worked in accounting.

However, my desire to do what I love and be creative became stronger, so I quit my job and enrolled in design school after I turned 30.
There I studied design and web design for a year with young teens and 20-somethings.
I was about to graduate from school when I got married. I was already 32 years old at that time.

I was no longer young, so after graduating from school, I was faced with a choice: find a job and train in the design industry, or give up on the design industry and have children.
I chose the latter.
After my child was born and I devoted myself to childcare for a while, I started working as an accountant again.
My days were filled with work, housework, and childcare, but there were also stressful days.

In the midst of all this, my desire to be creative again grew stronger, and I came across digital art.
I was amazed at how much more advanced digital tools had become than when I had pre-viously studied at school.
When you have small children, you don't have the time and luxury to spread out your art materials and draw slowly or clean up afterwards.
But with digital art, I can work little by little on my computer or smartphone, even in my spare time.
I enjoyed creating digital art so much that I got into it.
I was able to connect the dots by applying the things I used to love to my artwork.

Furthermore, it reminded me of textile design and original goods sales, which I wanted to do in the past but could not.
By applying digital art, this dream also came true. I am now in my 40s.
There is a famous saying, "It is never too late to start learning. There is a famous saying, "It's never too late to start learning.
When I took on the challenge, I wondered if it was too late at my age. But I took the plunge.
I failed many times, I failed many times, I failed many times, and I took many detours.
But now I am very happy that I have the opportunity to show my work to everyone.
I hope you will enjoy my work, which is a reflection of how much I enjoy and love creative activities.


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