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Notte di burrasca
Michael the Colorist

Notte di burrasca



Title: Notte di burrasca
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 70 x 100 cm
Technical: Mixed Technique, Acrylic, lattices and resins on Canvas

Gestures and materials appear on an informal painting. The use of lattices makes the work unique, blocks and maintains the color as if it were in a cage. A difficult concept, but combined with color, makes the painting unique. The work inspired by the novel Il Vec-chio e il mare tells the story that marked the life and conscience of the author with brushstrokes linked to a thought. As in Ernest Hemingway's novel, through the painting, the fresh, decisive but at the same time stormy strokes are perceived. Like a storm, the painting recounts the moments of the storm, the difficult moments of life. Pictorial com-binations capable of externalizing the author's emotional and psychological sensations. A subtle imagination worthy of sensitivity recalls the moments of the novel and the author's life.

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