Maryia Skarakhod




Title "Roots" Oil on canvas 2020 Description: I am grateful to you, my Body, my temple, my roots. You are the primary miracle of the nature that is breathing out the life, you have everything that the world has to offer, of my inner paradises and sunrises you are the author. Your wisdom is the mind of the centuries, it is my gift to trust your flow and just listen to what you want to say; your north light is shining bright in each of my cells enlightening my way: Yes, I am always supporting you no matter what, I am your own miracle that happens when you say a word. I can give you everything you want – breathe all the thoughts out and just look at me with your sincere adoration. Once you feel I am found you will be able to fly high where winds are born. To the birds and cloudy sky, we can go. All I need is to feel your charm, you are my only ritual - to make you happy, listen to your life, the sound of your soul that is singing a song and no one but me can hear its words. Be sure that I am your happiness and joy, created for your soul. Love me and thus yourself. I am your whole world; you are my happy end. Your Body, a truly forever friend. Artist: Maryia Skarakhod