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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


Born in Kyoto, Japan.
After working for a design and construction company, I am a student and painter.

Since my parents were designers, I have been painting since I was a baby. From high school, he majored in oil painting in the art department and entered the world of art in earnest. After that I aspired to interior design and lived abroad. Then I came back to Ja-pan. I started my activities as an artist again in 2021 with digital art and acrylic painting.

I draw the depiction of what I feel from everyday life through people and creatures.
I am particular about the old and new. Although it is contemporary art, it adds a nostalgic expression.
I would like to expand my creative activities all over the world. And, I would like many people to know my work and feel the energy from my artwork.

Selected for oil painting prefectural exhibition, won a special prize;
Received 3.4th place in the National High Literature Oil Painting Contest;
Oil painting graduation exhibition at the Prefectural Museum of Modern Art;
Exhibited at a group exhibition at the Prefectural Museum of Modern Art;
Selected for Digital Art Kishiwada Design Contest Osaka;
Exhibited at Digital Art Design Festa Gallery Harajuku;
Exhibited at Digital Art Sakuratei Gallery Harajuku;
Exhibited at Digital Art100 people 10 selections SHINWA AUCTION, GINZA.


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