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I was born on the 19th March 1988.
I use various techniques sensitively, such as oil painting, acrylic, paper cutting, and pointillism.
To me, everything is "cannibalism". Human beings live by influencing each other.
My coloring paints as if we are eating each other's colors.
People also share existence, time, and language, and love is born in every moment.
As humanity evolves from various experiences in the past, a deep love is born. Small grains of time become vast amounts of time and evolve. We are living in that stratum of time.
Artists have to take a lot of passion from history. Everyone has the right to do so.
All the past is for the present. That is my idea of "SACRIFICE".
2010, he held his first solo exhibition at a live house in Okinawa Prefecture.
Expressions based on the theme of music and pictures
2017, he opened his own studio and held a solo exhibition.
I have a studio in downtown Okinawa, where I present my paintings of Okinawan history.
2018 Solo exhibition "TOGIWA Exhibition - JOINT BIRTH" / PIN-UP gallery (Okinawa)
I inked my body and made prints of the shapes. I conveyed a love that transcended race.
2018 Koganecho Bazaar "Flying Supermarket 2018" at PIN-UP Gallery Pop Up Store. (Kanagawa Japan)
An art festival where representative Japanese artists gather from all over the country.
2019 "ART PARK IN NAHA" organized by Gallery Colmena / Naha Citizen Gallery (Okinawa)
Young artist got together for an art movement. Appeal for children. For the future.
2020 "Photography for Sale" /Kenshichi Hirashiki Gallery, Okinawa, Japan
Exhibition of photographs taken in the course of daily life. The exhibition was held at a leading
photography gallery in Okinawa.
2021 MOI AUSSI BE × PIN-UP "Okinawa Lifestyle × Art Exhibition "Reachable" / TERMINAL OKINAWA
(Okinawa)Made and exhibited furniture with art on it.Conceived art pieces to accompany life.
The guardian gods inside our hearts are the roots of humanity and are important to us.


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