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A new surprise for our community of international artists

From September M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY decentralizes your art by offering you a new opportunity, alongside existing services.

We will give you the opportunity to present your works also FUORI E-VENTO (outside e-vent), that is WITHOUT DATE and WITHOUT THEME.

A dedicated service from the curator who will follow you by developing ad hoc strategies and tailor-made marketing for you, based on your current needs.

Depending on your purpose, whether it be to obtain visibility, to have advertising or from the commercial aspect, an exclusive campaign will be created for you to be launched in the world of art, to consolidate you, to focus on a sale of targeted works.

A service that turns to exclusivity, estranging you from the global event, for those who want further support without having to wait for an X date. For those who, at any time, want to learn more, launch a new collection, consolidate a portfolio, present a new technique experienced. Perfect for those who want to present themselves as an "outsider" or expand their audience to support participation in monthly events, with a specific focus.

M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY ensures even more its presence to artists, making them free from any temporal, objective or thematic condition.

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