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Felipe Wiedman
Digital Artist

Felipe Wiedman

Digital Artist


Felipe Wiedman is a Chilean artist who has studied Architecture. He loves the
colors, shapes and textures and the way they can mix together. With them, he creates visual poetry, deep paintings in which you can find new images inside of their boundaries.

Artistic statement:
“I was born as an artist at the age of 23 after a ceremony of Ayahuasca in Chile, the country
that I live, which experience literally blew my mind, making me reconnected with my essence and my true self; meanwhile the society named me as an Architect, something new and unique was growing in my inside world, pushing me to renounce to everything and follow my passion.
I'm bipolar and I decided to follow the Art Path because that keeps me in balance. Painting
is like a meditation for me and for sure I will keep doing it until the end of my journey.
My creative process has two steps, first I paint in a piece of paper, then I take a photo and I
send it to the computer to intervene on it with design programs.
My art is Symmetrical, My art is pure vibration, My art is me playing this game called life. I paint
portals that can guide you to find your true self. I want you to stop in the
front of my paintings and I want you not to look, but to see in the depth: what you’ll see will be totally different from what everybody else will do, because what you see in my paintings is
no more than the reflection of yourself, because we are mirrors, and everything that
happens in our life is just the result of what we have inside. I’m watching you”


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