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Emelie Dahl

Emelie Dahl



Emelie Dahl is an active artist from Helsingborg, Sweden whose art can best be described as a tribute to women and nature with its wildness, peacefulness and strength. One recognizes her art through its calm and simple expressions and colour scheme.
She gets inspiration from the serenity and strength found in both nature and within ourselves, as well as from the strong women she encounters daily. She believes in the power found in nature and that we can gather energy from it, which she wants to convey in her art by nature and wom-en being
interwoven in her motifs. She often paints women with large hair to salut everything a woman’s being entails. Through the motifs we can mirror our deepest emotions and qualities and feel the connection with other everyday goddesses around us.
In the fall of 2017 she felt a need to be more in the present which is the reason she started painting.
This was the first time she tried acrylic painting, the feeling was magical and she was hooked. To see every brush stroke create magic on the canvas and to dig deep inside of herself to convey the right feeling of the motif is now something she sees as both healing and important. Her hope is that many women will be able to recognize themselves and collect power and bravery in and through her art.


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