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2000 ASIAN STYLE Exhibition
2001 Tama Art University Oil Painting Major graduation
Selected as an excellent work of the university
• 2001 Lend a work for shooting a TV drama
TBS Monday Mystery Theater

• 2002 Haheho Bunkamura Painting Exhibition
Received the Bunkamura Award

2003 ARTEX PARIS Exhibited in Paris
2003 In memory of Toshimitsu Imai 「Nouvelle Informal」 Exhibition
2003 Imadate Contemporary Art Paper Exhibition Received the Excellence Award
2005 Exhibited at Kosugiyu
• 2013 FUKUI Sam Hall Exhibition Award-winning

• 2014 FUKUI Sam Hall Exhibition Received the Excellence Award

2016 FUKUI Sam Hall Exhibition Award-winning
• 2020 Large picture letter exhibition Award-winning

• 2021 KENZAN Exhibition Scheduled to be exhibited
KENZAN Debut No.1 exhibition Scheduled to be exhibited

Door art
If there is a door or drawer, I want to open it, if it is locked, I want to remove it, and if there is a hole, I want to take a peek.
Curiosity, interest, and a little tingling sensation since childhood.
Is this a human instinct?
I want to open it! I want to touch! I want to peep!
We are pursuing works that touch people's instincts.
And I hope it's a work that both myself and the viewer will find fun.


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