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Sieglinde Mikula

Sieglinde Mikula



My name is Sieglinde Maria Mikula. I was born on 8 December 1959 in Linz an der Donau in Austria. I am a Sagittarius.
Ever since my early childhood I’ve been fascinated by colours, which I tried out very creatively on the walls of my house- needless to say, my parents were not amused.
I loved my profession as a hairdresser, too, which demanded a lot of creativity.
I also won the odd prize here and there. My passion for painting and drawing became more intense over the years.
I’ve tried my hand at everything- acrylic, watercolours, chalk, and pencil. Nothing and no-one was safe from me and, it is still this way to this day- perhaps even more so.
If something takes my fancy, my imagination takes over, it starts to sing and dance in my head and wants more of it.
I’ve dedicated myself to art, be it rocks or pots but, primarily paper and canvas.
I am lucky and grateful to be able to live this passion of mine and, I wish to feel it inside me for a long time to come.


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