Antonio Bagia




CELESTE Dimension:50 X 30 cm , acrylic on canvas. Created in: 2019 Part of the mini series '' Space Journal '' Short description : Space Journal – CELESTE It is year 11057 A.E, Star Ark Copernicus locates an unknown distress signal originating from newly discovered Hummingbird Nebula. When the Ark arrives at the pin point of the signal, they will discover a newly form star system. What is intriguing is that the system contains an earthlike planet. The planet does not contain any form of intelligent life, only plants and microorganisms. With a gravity of 7,711 m/s² and a 23 hour cycle, this planet is a jewel .The source of the signal is nowhere to be found but instead humanity has found a new home. By virtue of what force or intelligent design, that is unclear. Artist: Antonio Bagia