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Angry Bursts
Anna Elizabeth

Angry Bursts



Title: Angry Bursts
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 30’ x 30’
Technical: Digital Print on Canvas

“In my artwork for the censored exhibition, I wanted to evoke raw roughness in my textures, and a darkness into my color palette over vibrant colors in the foreground. I wanted the viewer to experience the encroachment of being censored by the darkness, and somberness that was intertwined with the vibrancy of lively colors I utilized. In “Angry Bursts” I used short stabbing strokes with my paint brush to create a busy chaotic atmosphere, with red, orange, and yellows being juxtaposed by blue and navy tones. I wanted the darkness of the navy to censor all the vibrant colors and bleed into the shadows of the blue tones in all the artworks for this exhibition. In the artwork “Restricted Madness” I used more fluid brush strokes and created an organic feel to the painting. I used natural tones, that then get infringed by the dark navy tones overtaking the painting. In my painting “Holdback” I used large broad brushstrokes in tropical colors. I also incorporated dark tones of navy, and grays to add a smoky texture over the vibrant colors. I feel that my work is representative of how I feel being censored about environmental issues when it comes to global warming. We all know that we need to change how we treat our planet but a lot of times we’re censored with what we can do and what we can say and mother nature fights back with fires that burn a rainforest in woodland areas and in turn this makes me angry, so I wanted my work to reflect that in the show.”

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