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The greatness of Ukrainian children
Eva Graudenz

The greatness of Ukrainian children



Title: The greatness of Ukrainian children
Year: 2022
Size: 36 x 48 cm
Technique: Watercolor

The Ukraine war leaves no one untouched at the moment. Terrible dehumanizing things are happening. Words cannot express everyone's pain. That's why the artist Eva Graudenz painted this picture and focused on the children. A scared girl saves her goose from the flames of her destroyed home. Just as the many children in Kyiv took their pets with them in the subway stations and on the run. The goose, a symbol of clarity, fidelity and loyalty, is rescued by its owner, a girl who needs protection herself and whose life is in danger, but who is still responsible for her animal. All the power-hungry adults on earth with their primitive delusions of domination and destruction, even together, can never achieve as much greatness as the Ukrainian children!

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