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Juan Mengual




Title: Gossip
Year Completed: 2020
Size: 142 x 89 x 3 cm.
Technical: Oil over acrylic over canvas

This is the kind of paintings that I start without having any idea of what is going to come out. I knew I wanted some bright colors that made a contrast with the background and not to be sub-tle like I had been on the painting before this. When you´re not sure of what you are going to do the best thing is to start with the part that you are more comfortable so I started with the top left part of the painting. Three sea creatures appeared. This is quite common when I work be-cause it makes a symbolic reference to unconscious. Then a sort of hippocampus and two winged figures that run to it, or it even may look like one is running away from the other. So I had three figures apart from the others that are talking among them, like they´re whispering. That´s when I knew the name of the painting. The story looks like a dream, on this behalf some-times I think that I expose myself too much. I tried to go on with the painting but it didn´t want to. The whole story was there and nothing that I would do would improve it. Also it´s quite good that a painting has space to breath.

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