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Nils Bossius Klintenberg

Nils Bossius Klintenberg



I’m a creative person who’s always been drawing.
Since 2013, after having taken a course for beginners of neo shamanism and drum journeying, I start-ed to practice it. It helped me fight the depression and self-hatred that had been such a big part of my life since I was 13 years old. When I was 27, I went from being a person wrapped in darkness to a person completely devoted to light. This is also when I started to practice meditation.
Year 2015 I started painting with acrylics and have since then created art inspired by meditation and shamanism.
Inner journeying is the driving factor of all my work. Most of my art is, in fact, directly inspired by things I have seen during my spiritual travels or are interpretations of emotions or symbolism that emerged during spiritual work. With different colors, runes and symbols I try to describe moments of great inner change.
Also, mystery inspires me. Through my pictures I try to inspire people to see the mystery within themselves. To see themselves as mystery.
Power is to be found within all colors.


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