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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


Benzane is a global citizen based in Tel Aviv, Israel. A talented and experienced, senior branding designer by day, who by night sheds his skin into a vibrant, cheeky, and colourful digital artist. He has collected in his digital scrap book, over 20 years of diverse imagery, thoughts, and moments, and now he brings them to life through, photography, illustration, typography, and design. His eye is his camera, his computer is his tool and his mind connected to the universal internet of creative energy and light. He likes to subtly push the boundaries. His muse is David Bowie, his fascination is aviation and his soul out of ancient Egypt. Most importantly, he loves to inspire those creative souls who are held down by fear or low self-esteem and to watch other caged lions break from their cage.

In My Words:

“My creativity is something that has been inside me for many years, it’s been waiting to spring forth like a caged lion. It is for me the contrasting essence of my soul, it is both dark and light, joy and sadness, humour and seriousness, love, and hate. The experiences of my fruitful and sometimes challenging journey through the world, and how I have experienced life, is where my creativity comes from. Now, the cage is open and the lion is free. Zane Zane Zane, Ouvre le Chien.”

As a creator and an artist, I strive for individuality, freedom of expression, and the ability to express the world inside my head.

Over the years as I tried to find my freedom and my form of expression I have been challenged by the world of conformity, of following trends, and feeling the pressure to move to the beat of someone else’s drum. The people that I admire in my life, are those individuals that have challenged the norm, challenged the social structure, and followed their true inner voice and soul. It’s not easy to do this and it can come with lots of rejection, criticism, and alienation.

As a young teenager, I managed to succeed in pushing those boundaries and bringing that flame of creativity to my life. I didn’t care what people thought. Then in my early twenties, knowing that I was interested in men, and feeling very alone I thought that once I came out of the closet, I would find a world of other similar characters to myself. Characters, not described by their sexuality necessarily, but who were individuals and freethinkers thinking on their own. Unfortunately, I realised that this was not the case, all I did was move from one box to another and I didn’t break out of the square at all, in fact I went into an even tighter more structured square the world of the gay community. To fit into this world, I had to lose my individuality, I had to lose my identity and I had to become something I wasn’t. For many years my internal light and flame was out.

Now having lived all over the world, and having drunk from the elixir of life, tasting both good and bad experiences, I have found all my colours and I am ready to express them to the world with my creativity and art.


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