Lorella Mastropasqua

Lorella Mastropasqua



Born in 1971 in Milan, I always loved art since I was a young girl; Art was my passion in my everyday life. I decided to study art at college, and after I did the school of art at the Castillo Sforzesco di Milano and got a degree in Fine Art and Creative Art in 1994.

As a young artist, I try to work in the world of art, and I started to do exhibitions, collaborate with newspapers and anything that was connecting me to art. I did exhibit with galleria D’Ars where I had few collective exhibitions. From Milan to Palermo, I collaborated with few artists, and I have the joy to know a renounce Maestro Ibrahim Kodra, who dedicated some of his time to explore the world of art.

In my latest 20s, I decided to move to London, where I dedicated some time to illustration.

In 2009 I moved to Helsinki for few years, and this was when I
started to paint a lot, and I found my style to express myself with comfort and strength. I did successful exhibitions. After my life in Scandinavia, I moved back to London in 2015, and I continued to paint. I collaborated with new galleries and made several exhibitions, mainly Innsbruck, Budapest, Genova, London, Miami and Lugano.
I am now living in Paris and keep creating art and looking for a new journey.


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