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Kai Nobuyuki
Digital Artist

Kai Nobuyuki

Digital Artist


The artist places importance on expression born from random lines, and gives animals a sense of life and dynamism by creating surfaces and adding color. Unlike humans, animals are pure and innocent creatures that are healed, comforted, and moved by the sight of them. I draw animals in the hope that viewers will feel a variety of emotions by choosing a color theme for these innocent animals and combining them to create a work of art. She strives to create works that stimulate the brain and are somehow calming, and that are full of global expression.

1982 Born in Fukuoka, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.
2006 Started drawing animals on wood with a black pen. Started his career as an artist.
2020 He started to create colorful works with digital elements.

Solo Exhibition:
12.2021 Solo exhibition: eplus LIVING ROOM CAFE&DINING / Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
01.2022 MONKY GALLERY / Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan
04.2022 ALL DAY GALLERY / Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
05.2022 SACS Shibuya Art Collection Store / Shibuya, Tokyo
06.2022 Gallery Palpito / Ginza, Tokyo
07.2022 Gallery Dalston / Morishita, Tokyo, Japan
09.2022 T-GALLERY / Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan
11.2022 ARTRUM TOKYO GALLERY / Nishiazabu, Tokyo, Japan
12.2022 MONKY GALLERY / Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition
06.2021 ”FROG” gallery/Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
08.2022 ”Evolutionary Theory", Ishikawa Gallery / Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
02.2022 Gallery Dalston / Morishita, Tokyo, Japan
03.2022 SACS Shibuya Art Collection Store / Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
08.2022 WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION -vol.19- / Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
01.2023 +ART GALLERY /Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Art Event
07.2021 Independent Tokyo 2021 / Hamamatsucho, Tokyo
08.2022 Independent Tokyo 2022 / Hamamatsucho, Tokyo
10.2022 UNKNOWN ASIA 2022 / Osaka
02.2023 Study:Osaka Kansai International Arts Festival / Osaka


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