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Franckie Chegrani

Franckie Chegrani



Franckie Chegrani, painter, has been producing a very autobiographical pictorial work for 35 years. His ethics led him to work to support his family but art is his real life.
Despite the disease that cruelly affects him since 2014, his creative strength does not dry up. His formats increase, he does everything himself, starting with making his colors, he stretches his canvases.He begins with acrylics in contact with artists from the Beaux-Arts de Paris met while visiting the school. Later, he will exhibit with these artists who appreciate his so inventive art. He learns by dint of reading, watching films and visiting many exhibitions.
His first works show his family attachment. His loved ones are portrayed with emotion and he transcribes, embodies by rich graphic inventions, the contexts, lived episodes which are important to him.In 2020, his painting finds a new form. He widens the subject and from a kind of intimacy, he passes to the universal. He explodes what was "inscribed", "posed", the dazzling gesture gets involved. His painting becomes galaxies, his characters evolve in a gigantic space in All-over.
Franckie Chegrani attacks head-on. Figuration - abstraction are completely married. The large and the detail combine. It takes time for the viewer to grasp everything, caught up in a whirlwind.
There are the colors which palpitate on black backgrounds, they are fluorescent, colors of ember.
Everything lights up and becomes autonomous in superimpositions, transparencies (by glazing), it becomes symphonic, jubilant.“Franckie Chegrani's art shows us everything with an amazing frankness: illness, love, sexuality, inner fights, resistances, reflections and art in incomparable truth of humanity! Art in its absolute transcendence, essential to life.” Xavier Fatou (artist)


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