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Megumi Kiuchi

Megumi Kiuchi



1994: Born in Kobe, Japan
2018: Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
2019: Took part in Summer Course in Art University in Bournemouth 2020: Started my art-ist career as a professional
Oct, 2020:Solo exhibition [Playing Alone] at Pelican Coffee(cafe)
Sep. 2015:Group exhibition at TUA(Uni)
Sep. 2016:Group exhibition at TUA(Uni)
Aug. 2021:France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition Oct. 2021:53th Japa-nese Today’s Visual Art Exhibition in Spain 2021

Artist Statement:
In our modern society, people are exposed with quite sophisticated and artificial reality, which is very similar to truth and difficult to be distinguished.Our perception is involved in the chaotic environment and this chaos has already become our daily life now.
Experiencing this confusing perception, I’ve been thinking that we should be more inde-pendent to our own body, own mind for being ourselves, and try to rethink and even doubt about what we see everyday.
Therefore, my works of art are always about the boundary between “what they are” and “how we see them”, the issue of subjectivity and objectivity. we see things as truth, but I think it’s always biased without a doubt.


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