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Yannick Chevrel

Yannick Chevrel



French abstract expressionist from Brittany, living in Hong Kong for the past thirty years, I did the Art School of Life as an autodidact.
Sensitive to my living environment, I started to collect trash and give them a second life by mak-ing sculptures of wires for instance. My first painting was done on a thrown plywood found in the street.
I paint with instinct, especially the first row of the painting, searching for my true inner at this pre-cise moment; then the piece starts to get its prime DNA that I forge to my satisfaction. This is why some of my paintings may have a tribal touch.

I choose bright, warm colors like if I was looking to compensate the grey urban environment of the city.
I look for contrast, colour clashing to grab viewers’ attention and tackle their emotion; I want them to wonder, to be transported in other dimensions.
I also like giving textural effects like if I could bring the painting alive, a sort of immobile dynamic.
Abstract painting for me is synonymous to freedom; it has no boundaries no rules. It is a free land of expression that offers viewers a wide angle of interpretation.


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