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Rusted Khokhloma
Elena Chatokhina

Rusted Khokhloma



Description of the painting "RUSTED KHOKHLOMA" "Rusted Khokhloma" is a Mixed Media painting, based on Russian Traditional Art of K.hokhloma . Keeping Russian Folk, the artist has transformed it to Modem Style, by mixing different techniques on the canvas, as Golden leaf, Ink, Acrylics, Crackling paste, Sand and Oil. All that gave a feeling of small fragment of Khokhloma which has become rusty and cracked throughout the years. "Rusted Khokhloma" one of the painting of the series "From Traditional to Modem"were created in the most tragic time of my life, that put me back to painting and creation, expression of my inner emotions and feelings. "Rusted khokhloma"has two deep meaning: Russian traditional folk art, dying, having only commercial use (that's why its rusted), but you can see small blue (hope color) butterfly, symbolizing endurance and resurrection. Small gold flower ornament as a power of resistance, representing my soul, choked with grief full of rust ( by my kids being recently kidnapped), and blue butterfly symbolizing hope and love in my life, resurrection, recovery and persistence. Additional informati on Dimensions: 16/16 inch, 0,6 inches depth canvas. 2020 Artist: Elena Chatokhina

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