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Title: powerful
Year: 2019
Size: various sizes - in size 106,6 x 80 cm (Limited Edition: 10 pieces)
Technique: digital

miabine is an artist from the north of Germany, who was creative and lived in Hamburg for a long time. Now she lives again in her hometown Kiel. She mainly makes digital art. She plays with the computer and respective programs and tools and mixes them together. And she paints with the mouse. "The pictures are given to her. They fall to her. They emerge during the process, as if in a kind of trance. The most important thing for her is the playful process of it." Most of her paintings are explosions of color, full of energy and feminine.
She has also done a few smaller, almost private exhibitions, like projecting images on a house wall together with several artists. Or exhibited in a very large empty living room with several artists together. Now her paintings are going around the world in large exhibitions, starting with the Metaverse and Barcelona.

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