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Kerstin Alice Hartfiel

Kerstin Alice Hartfiel



The Real Estate Painter :
I turn houses into art

I was born 1976 in Landau/Pfalz
I studied fine arts in Landau,
and continued additionally studying a dual course for becoming also a designer with a degree.

Initially working in advertising, I later trained creatives and companies with creative departments nationwide, and beyond, as an art director.

At the same time, I started exhibitions in real estate situations. Since 2014 I dedicated myself entirely to painting.

As a child I always wanted people to know that only thinking about money making is the wrong focus, and that the world would be a better place if we focus on love and freedom for all sentient beings. Therefore, there will be more than enough money left for everyone.

As a Western monk on the middle path, practicing silence every day, today I stand for the implementation of tolerance and peace in everyday life, in daily life.

Throughout my painting praxis, 2012 I figured out how to implement a mathematical formula into my paintings which uses the cause of business scaling.

In 2014, I received a six-figure bonus for working on a real return-on-investment of one of my paintings.

Today I combine painting - design - art direction to a fiery ensemble, turning old houses into only pieces of art.

I was a two-time winner of a Design Award, in 2013 and 2014.

My life's mission is to make people feel the essence of God, and even through art. Not somewhere far away from home, but in your own house. This is something very special because it touches us unexpectedly deeply. So I want all people who have come to my art to be strengthened, motivated and free as I have become through my connection to God.


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