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ART BY Austa Lea

ART BY Austa Lea



Austa Lea is a self-taught artist based in Denmark. As an artist, she is very inspired by nature and the wildlife that takes place there every day, while the rest of us are busy living our lives. Nature has its own course, which is fantastic to observe. That is why her little family and she have chosen to move out of the big city and into nature. It's a huge gift for all three of them. And for the artist in her, it's a way to find peace and inspiration.

She paints on canvas with acrylic painting- she also works with liquid art and resin. In addition, she also makes recycled art out of things she finds in nature - It’s all about the detail.

She has her roots placed deeply in the Icelandic soil. She is inspired by the Icelandic uncompromising nature that doesn’t consider the people who live there. The sun does not always shine - and in the winter, darkness dominates. Nature is full of contrasts and for her Iceland is completely unique because of this. She is attracted to the very special energy the volcanic island possesses, and it forms for her associations to the human mind, where there is not always light to be found, and where joy sometimes can be obscured by darkness and wind.

Nature is important to her. Therefore, she is also very concerned about our environment's health and how we treat our planet! She is a mother for the first time. That has changed her; she is more vulnerable and has suddenly everything to lose. Just a month before she gave birth to her baby girl, her father passed away from an aggressive cancer disease. He was her friend and support in everything in life! The loss is unbearable, but at the same time she is full of happiness and love for her child. Two new very conflicting feelings at the same time, feelings she has never felt before! It has done something to her as a person and an artist that she cannot explain. Like nature, life is full of contrasts- grief and pain is not so far from happiness and pure love. It goes hand in hand...

<<I see the fairy tale and magic of the world around me, and my paintings express this>>.


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