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Mixed Media Artist


Mixed Media Artist


“We find the richness and diversity from various perspectives from the color of life, and what is living now and what happiness and richness are for each person. Or, what can we see and feel by expanding to the outside (universe) of the earth? Every day I am searching for a work production that can make me think about such things. I will probably continue to live in Japan with my beloved family and send out works based on the theme of the beauty of Japanese nature and life both domestically and internationally.”

My grandfather was an oil landscape painter and his father was a cosmetic packaging designer. So expressing something has been a very familiar act since I was a child. And when I started going to an art preparatory school to go on to an art university, I experienced art as a foundation for my work. That is still at the core of my production. It is the basic technique of drawing, the eye to judge, the aesthetic eye and posture. After that, I unfortunately couldn't go on to an art university (so I wasn't able to build an artistic production style or learn more specialized research). , became independent. Since then, I have been working as a freelance designer, photo retoucher, director, and artist for sev-en years. During that time, I learned about art as a business, or production. This became the second most important thing for me after my family and the act of making.

Things, people and experiences that have inspired me
I am usually inspired by nature such as the wind and seasonal scents, food that makes me feel happy such as sweets, the eyes of children and animals, the appearance and way of living things including plants. Sometimes from sight, sometimes from smell and touch. And it comes into me as a stimulus from hearing and taste. Also, when I'm talking to my family and friends, inspiration always comes down.
As for people close to me, I have been influenced since childhood by my grandfather, who was an oil painting landscape painter, and my father, who was a packaging design-er for cosmetics.

In the context of contemporary Japanese art and entertainment,
Among the cultural contexts of visuals, art and entertainment in contemporary Japan, I have been greatly influenced by animation and manga since childhood. The origin of my expression starts from here. In particular, the richness and precision of the two-dimensional expressions of manga, and the fusion of traditional Japaneseness and modern pop art-like expressions can be mentioned.

In the context of Japanese art history,
Korin Ogata, Hoichi Sakai, the Kano school and Hochu Nakamura of the Rimpa school. Or the attitude of pursuing the expression and technique of Ito Jakuchu, who is now introduced as a maverick. In ukiyoe, it is composed on a plane seen in the fifty-three stages of the Tokaido, such as Utagawa Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai. And the boldness and dynamism of Toshusai Sharaku. I was also influenced by the work and way of life of Tsuguharu Fujita (Leonard Tsuguharu Fujita), who was an icon in his work as an entity that connects Western and Eastern consciousness. In practical terms, it is a compositional expression that looks like Rinpa or Ukiyoe. From Fujita, even though he was at the mercy of the times, he never gave up on his own expression and way of being.

In the context of Eastern art history,
Expressive techniques such as landscape painting, ink painting, and bird-and-flower painting advanced in China. Among them, Giuseppe Castiglione (July 19, 1688 - July 17, 1766, Chinese name: Lang Shining) was the first court painter since he came to Chi-na as an Italian missionary. Although he is Italian, his works, which skillfully fuse Eastern art, which is a different culture, with the Western way of thinking that he had in himself, greatly influenced his way of production. I was. Western expressions, how to perceive things and oriental expressions, fusion of methods, etc.

In the context of Western art history,
19th-century Viennese Secessionists such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, and Art Nouveau artists such as Alphonse Mucha and Emile Galle. And among his 20th-century artists, Impressionists and his expressionists, such as Lord Monet, Salvador Dalí and Vin-cent Willem van Gogh, were ideologically and expressively influenced. This is mainly in terms of color sense and materials that leave a touch.


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