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Sara Bresolin

Sara Bresolin



Self-taught, born in Venice Mestre in 1982, I suddenly discovered art after studying foreign languages and theology.
I started my adventure experimenting with the oil colors of my paternal grandfather and, compared to other techniques I have explored, I find that oil painting expresses me best. I love being able to play with the drying time that allows you to touch up the various shades over and over again.
The gift of synthesis distinguishes my dry pictorial style and the double red thread that unites my works is the expression of the interiority of the subject through the representation of the eyes and hands. An expressive research, this, which is constantly evolving, like me.
“Making art” has always been part of my life, in different fields, from drawing to woodwork, to oil painting. This has a profound meaning for me that has its roots essentially in self-knowledge, in probing the inner depth, in the silence in which to find oneself. It mainly has the function of “reconnecting with oneself” and, only later, does it become the expression of a “thought” message. Often my works have biblical influences, but precisely this makes them open to all that is human.
I participated with some works in the collective exhibition "Art of Memory" at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa and at the Salon international d’art contemporain for the third edition of "Art 3F" in the Principality of Monaco. Furthermore, my participation in the "Darte Week 2022" in Lecce in the Imago section and in the "Dreamars III" exhibition at Hub / art in Milan is expected.


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