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International Contemporary Art exhibition

April, 28th - May, 4th 2022

Concept by Art Curator Vanessa Viti

Every man on this Earth is born naked and free, there are no limits in human nature: it is social conventions, moral and legal laws that direct the human being to a certain type of behavior. Each of us has a great capacity for expression but often the human being in the course of history has been deprived of this freedom. Fortunately, in every age there has been someone who has obeyed the primary need to think freely, to express themselves and to go in search of those answers they needed. The rebellious genius is he who possesses, not only the skills, but also the courage to express himself. Galileo Galilei said "I loved the stars too deeply to be afraid of the night", a quote that is a real lesson: it is necessary to pursue one's goals even if they are contrary to normality and to what is customary for everyone. Having the courage to rebel in a positive sense, to give voice to innovative thoughts and ideas is the right and duty of each of us. "Yellow" must be a cry for freedom, a creative force and energy that pushes man, especially the artist, to free himself. The artist has always had a fundamental role in society, that is to break pre-set patterns, instill doubts and thoughts: art is free expression, especially in the current era. Contemporary man needs to shake the dust from his soul and to regenerate his energies. "Yellow" is the courage to live one's life, to be its protagonists, to make decisions and to follow one's wishes, quoting Oscar Wilde "Better to be protagonists of one's own tragedy than spectators of one's life"; he himself was pilloried by Victorian bigotry for his rebellion, recklessness and genius. "Yellow" wants to be an act of revolt, the push to go outside the box to create new ones. Yellow is a symbol of energy and strength, it is the color of gold, the metal that has guided human history for centuries. In ancient Egypt it was the symbol of the power of the Pharaoh, in the Byzantine era it represented the light of God. The backdrops of any representation were yellow-gold, as an expression of God, the ethereal and divine world. Subsequently with the expressionists and abstractionists it will have great importance as a bright and brilliant color, and in it the creative forces will be concentrated. Kandinskij describes the color yellow, in the Spiritual of Art: it is he who gives it the definition of "transcendental" by linking it to the sound of a trumpet. Yellow is the color of mysticism, which brings man closer to infinity; in fact Lucio Fontana in the completely yellow work "Spatial Concept, Waits" goes beyond the boundaries of the tangible world to reach infinity. Yellow can be an idea but also an ideal, in recent years the color yellow has turned into a protest color. In some countries, people dressed in yellow took to the streets to voice their problems. Yellow is a primary color, therefore the freedom of man who finds greater fulfillment in art should also be primary: the freedom to do, to say, to tell and above all to be. Yellow, what is called into question in this great exhibition, is not a specific identity, but is total abstraction, it is the process for achieving individual freedom, it is provocation and contestation. To question oneself by expressing oneself freely is what art imposes on us, the rule to follow to grow artistically and humanly. "Yellow" like the sound of the trumpet mentioned by Kandinskij, is a real call, which must be answered with the courage that distinguishes the artist: the courage to express oneself. The international exhibition "Yellow" at the M.A.D.S. it urges us to be free, to dare and to imagine. The creation of a work is for the artist an act of courage, it is the way through which ideas and ideals can meet and clash. The artist, stripping himself of any prejudice and preconception, can create pure and intimate works, becoming a real act of rebellion.

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