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Linda Österåker

Linda Österåker



My name is Linda Österåker, I live in Ostrobothnia Finland on Replot which is an island in
Kvarken archipelago.
I was born 1978 and I am the mother of two teenage boys.
Painting is my passion and I love how abstract paintings with their colors, shapes and
different structures evoke strong feelings of hope and inspiration in me.
I hope that my art touches others and that it provides healing.
I think art speaks right to our souls and subconscious, and for me art has quite the same
effect as a walk in the forest, high energy vibration that triggers the inspiration of life.
I am self-taught and paint mostly abstract, I could call myself an intuitive contemporary
abstract artist.
I am most fascinated by the unplanned and imperfect who in their collaboration often
create magic.
My paintings have been on display in both Finland and internationally.
I also work with children and am very interested in people. Everyone has the right to feel
safe and appreciated for the person they are.
I myself am a free soul who wants to make my own decisions.
I am also a reiki master and believe that we can change the world with good thoughts.


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