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Natalia Kairies

Natalia Kairies



"Self-discovery through shapes and colors,, N.K.
My name is Natalia Kairies born 09.11.1962 in Alma-ata Kazakhstan. In 1975 I came to Germany as a German refugee. Drawing and painting accompanied me all my life. Brush and pencil was always with me. Abstract images, I find myself today and can well bring feelings. Acrylic paints
belong to my Malere, with different techniques, thread, spatula, ceramic pen. Since
some time I take tattoo colors that are from leftovers. Have my own connection
to mix the colors found that are unique. Comic figures are part of my work. It inspires the audience at exhibitions. In the 90s and until 2006 various exhibitions and events in Rhineland.
Baden-Württemberg, where I live since 2016. Exhibitions, surgeries, clinics. A gallery of my own. In August 2022 at Swiss Expo 0.4 with picture In itself, acrylic. In Palma Mallorca was the work Digital ,,Dance in the light, acrylic.
In Miami Wynwood I presented my works Christmas coming.. and Hope, in November
2022 presented.
"Art liberates, gives hope and creates connection, it makes light and helps to get out of the
heaviness. This is what we pass on from thoughts and feelings to people to
to think about, to be a living, peaceful and also different community to be.


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